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Yes, Insurance companies need to pay you the proper value of repair, materials, and labor. In the event that the insurance company price of resources does not match that of the current market - make sure to document all receipts and demand that the difference in paid by the insurance company.
It very much depends on the situation and who is liable for the injuries - the insurance of the property owner may be able to pay for medicals bills if a valid case is made.
Yes, though the facts of each slip and fall accident are different, if the injured person can prove that the store failed to properly maintain their premises and/or knew of poor conditions and failed to resolve them - then a case can be made.

In a slip and fall case, there are a few individuals that may be held liable. Those may include:

  • Property Owner

  • Tennent of a property

  • Management company of a property

  • Any vendor responsible for maintaining property

Often times, slip and falls cases can be difficult to navigate because it is not always clear who is at a fault. That is why it is so important to give us call at 833-MIKE-247

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One of the most important things you can do to prove negligence is to document - photos, video, descriptions, time, names, etc. are all. Additionally, it is important to talk to witnesses in order to obtain more evidence.

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