Marvel Comics and Disney feel they have much, much more Hulk to give. That said, many believe this adaptation may be a reach, that they have in-fact stretched themselves too thin. In their newest adaptation, She-Hulk, Attorney at Law could become a new teen (and likely adult children) sensation.

The reality behind She-Hulk, Attorney at Law is there are really only two ways this show is likely to go, and there is a very likely chance for it stink. Whether it’s great or a big-ole-bomb, the way they tell this story online can make all the difference. Below we’ll begin to weigh the good, the bad and possibly the indifferent thoughts surrounding the newest Marvel mini-series. Each week we will leave you with a little update!

The Good

  • The first two episodes have been entertaining and creative (which has been a knock on Marvel since acquired by ABC & Disney).

  • Marvel stays true-to-form with the “secret clips” mid-credits

  • They managed to bring back decades-old characters (Abomination is still played by Tim Roth again), giving the audience a Marvel-ous Easter egg from the classic MCU days.

  • The content is fresh, the characters relatively witty and predictably wrap previous Marvel character storylines into each episode.

  • The animation is on-point.

The Bad

  • She-Hulk is unfortunately, only thirty minutes long. And while most will understand this newer trend in modern-era character development, it leaves more to be desired.

  • They have yet to pick a direction but it is an origin story, for now.


I just finished the third episode of She-Hulk, Attorney at Law and I must say, the show is starting to take shape. While that doesn’t necessarily mean it has a direction, this episode held my attention enough to check out at least one more (we will be reviewing all nine). In this episode the storyline builds around the “Ally McBeal got superpowers” little bit more. Even though this episode was the same unflattering thirty minutes as the last, it felt like they gave us just enough. Not only did Jen Walters solve the case, she also danced with celebrity Megan Thee Stallion (one of the hottest female rap artists and actresses of millennials and gen Z’ers alike) and she basically beat up four amateur thieves the next evening. Overall I’d have to say I’m eager to catch the next. Stay tuned!

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