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Michael Fischetti is a highly respected lawyer in Miami Dade County who consistently gets results for his clients. As the founding partner of Fischetti Law Group, he has been providing legal services to individuals and businesses in Miami Dade County and across the state of Florida for over 25 years. He has a strong track record of successfully resolving cases and is committed to providing quality legal representation to all of his clients. With extensive experience in a wide range of legal areas, Michael Fischetti is the go-to lawyer for anyone in need of legal assistance in Miami Dade County.

miami dade county lawyer michael fischetti law group - lawyer miami dade countyAbout Michael Fischetti

Michael Fischetti is a lawyer based in Miami Dade County, Florida. Mr. Fischetti is the founder of Fischetti Law Group, a full-service law firm providing legal services to individuals and businesses throughout South Florida. Mr. Fischetti has over 20 years of legal experience and is highly regarded by clients and colleagues alike for his professionalism, expertise and dedication to achieving successful outcomes. As a lawyer, Mr. Fischetti is committed to protecting the rights of his clients and working diligently to ensure they receive the justice they deserve. He works hard to provide personalized and effective legal solutions to meet his clients’ needs.

What type of law does Mr. Fischetti practice?

Michael Fischetti is an experienced lawyer from the Miami Dade County area. At Fischetti Law Group, Mr. Fischetti specializes in a variety of legal services, including civil litigation, business law, and personal injury law. He has years of experience handling cases in each of these areas, and he takes a hands-on approach to ensure his clients receive the best possible outcome. Mr. Fischetti is also experienced in helping clients with family law matters such as divorce and child support issues. With an extensive understanding of the law and its nuances, Mr. Fischetti is well-equipped to handle any legal matters his clients may have.

What are some of Mr. Fischetti’s recent cases?

Michael Fischetti is a Miami Dade County lawyer who practices civil law, business and commercial litigation, arbitration, and mediation. He is a highly experienced attorney who has successfully represented clients in a variety of cases.
Recently, Mr. Fischetti has been involved in cases such as a $1 million contract dispute, a dispute over an LLC operating agreement, a case involving copyright infringement, and a breach of fiduciary duty. He was successful in obtaining a jury verdict on the copyright infringement case and obtained a favorable settlement on the LLC operating agreement case.
In addition to these cases, Mr. Fischetti has represented clients in construction disputes, real estate transactions, collections, and family law matters. He is an aggressive and knowledgeable lawyer who has achieved positive results for his clients. Mr. Fischetti strives to provide the highest level of legal services and works diligently to ensure that his clients’ interests are protected.

How can I contact Mr. Fischetti?

If you are looking for a lawyer in Miami Dade County, Michael Fischetti of the Fischetti Law Group is the perfect choice. Mr. Fischetti has been practicing law since 1998 and specializes in representing clients in a variety of areas. To contact him directly, you can reach out to him by phone or email at his office in Miami. His team of experienced professionals will be ready to discuss your legal needs and help you make informed decisions. You can also visit the Fischetti Law Group website for more information about their services and the various practice areas they specialize in.


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