In the sunshine state, it is not uncommon to see owners and their dogs walking around in the hot sun. However, sometimes dogs can be unpredictable and dangerous when it comes to people who aren’t their owners. Unfortunately, dog bites can be particularly dangerous and problematic.

Dog bites can be devastating – from physical pain to financial costs. Victims of serious dog bite injuries may require medical care including ambulatory services, surgery (including plastic surgery or amputation), medications and prosthetics as well as physical therapy for rehabilitation purposes. In cases where expenses result from a dangerous animal attack, victims have the right to seek damages in personal injury lawsuits which could cover X-rays, hospitalization bills, and more parts of their recovery process.

With the help of a dog bite attorney, attack victims can recover compensation for medical bills, future medical treatment, and lost wages. Florida Statute 767.04 explains that the owner of any dog that bites any person while such person is on or in a public place, or lawfully on or in a private place, including the property of the owner of the dog, is liable for damages done to another person by the dog, regardless of the former viciousness of the dog or the owner’s knowledge of such viciousness.

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What To Do After You or Someone You Love Suffer A Dog Bite?

If you are bitten by a dog, you need to immediately seek out professional medical help, especially for wounds that break through the skin. Time is critical to get the proper professionals to tend to your wounds and/or avoid infection. After your wounds have been stabilized – you need to contact the Fischetti Law Group so that we can ensure you have the best medical care while simultaneously investigating the incident. We must begin the investigative process as soon as possible so that we can track down witnesses while their memories are fresh.

We want to take the burden off of you during this difficult time, so you can focus your energy and effort on your health and your recovery. Let your Florida dog bite attorney handle the insurance companies, paperwork, medical bills, and all other arrangements for you.


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Florida as a Strict Liability State for Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

In Florida, dog owners face significant liability for damages resulting from their pet biting someone. This includes both public and private spaces; even a person lawfully present on the property of the owner can benefit from this protection should they be bitten by that animal. What’s more, Massachusetts has taken an especially stringent stance when it comes to accountability: Owners are liable regardless of how familiar or unfamiliar they may have been with any prior displays of aggression from their pet in question.

Types of Dog Bite Injuries

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the unfortunate event that you have suffered a dog bite injury in Florida, taking these vital steps can ensure your ability to receive optimal compensation for damages:

  • Document the incident

  • Exchange and gather information from the dog’s owner or other witnesses

  • Seek medical care immediately as soon as you leave the scene

  • Contact the Fischetti Law Group for a FREE consultation on your case

When you’ve been injured, insurance companies will often use unimaginative tactics to lower their payout. From ignoring a medical emergency within 14 days of the injury, to claiming your injuries don’t measure up or that they’re not related — all these strategies can be used against you. The best way to ensure your claim is valid and gets the compensation it deserves? Seek out an experienced personal injury attorney who knows how to effectively fight for what’s yours!

In Florida, victims of personal injury and medical malpractice have a small window in which to file legal claims. The standard statute of limitations is four years from the date that an individual discovers their injuries; however, this timeline can decrease to two years for cases involving professional misconduct or negligence on behalf of healthcare providers. Additionally, court rulings have been established through the State’s ‘Discovery Rule’, allowing claimants who were unaware or unable to detect an injury from the accident until after its occurrence— thereafter having no more than two or four years respectively —to pursue remedies within appropriate time frames.

How Can The Fischetti Law Group Help You Today?

Our team is dedicated to making sure you get the compensation and help you deserve. Dog bites can be stressful, painful, and problematic for everyone involved. Luckily, with a South Florida dog bite attorney like Mike and our team, you are in good hands. We’ll walk you through all the steps to making sure the insurance company pays what you deserve. Don’t wait, give our team a call today to begin the process!