Giving Back To Florida Schools In Boynton Beach

Giving Back is just “two words”, but it can make a world of difference in someone’s life. I believe that the tenant and foundation of the Fischetti Law Group are to put clients first and make a positive difference in their lives and “give back” to those who need a helping hand. Each day I am lucky enough to wake up and enter my office (often long before the sun rises) and know that my day’s work will ultimately change the trajectory of someone’s daily life in a beneficial way, whether it is helping someone injured in a car accident or helping them navigate through the legal system that they would otherwise not know how. 

This past weekend I, along with a bunch of amazing volunteers, had the chance to give back and make a positive difference in over 300 + students’ lives. We teamed up with some of the fantastic staff, Principal and Vice Principal at Citrus Cover Elementary School to hand out of back to schools supplies to students in need. The school supply drive was open to any student in Palm Beach County. The students and their families arrived by car, and bike and some of them even were about to take advantage of the nice weather and walked to the event.

 I had a chance to speak to students and families who were mostly excited about returning to school, although there were some sad faces about summer vacation concluding. In speaking to students and their families, it just reaffirmed that giving back is the most fulfilling act that one can do. 


 People say that being involved in community service work is a selfless act, but I’m afraid I have to disagree because I think that it is a selfish act because of the great feeling it invokes in helping others. It gave my staff and I such a renewed sense of energy from helping others that it’s going to help energize us for the weeks and months to come as we help each one of our Personal Injury clients get their lives back on track so that they too can focus on the positive things in their life, like helping their family and others. Fischetti Law Group’s legal team in Boynton Beach, FL will continue to schedule, sponsor and spearhead events locally and regionally, stretching from Deerfield and Delray Beach all the way to West Palm Beach and Jupiter!

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