Florida is known as the sunshine state, but that does not stop hurricanes or tropical storms from coming through occasionally. Florida has some of the highest homeowner insurance premiums in the United States because of the unpredictable.When paying insurance, you can either pay a monthly premium, semiannual, or annual. The price of coverage is more than the nominal expense therefore you should be fully covered by insurance. That’s not always the case.When a tragedy occurs and it is time to file a claim, homeowners can be shocked with the results. Insurance companies can ask for unreasonable requests and put you through obstacles to just get a simple answer.Damages from hurricanes and storms are unavoidable in the state of Florida and impact our loved ones and community dearly. This can lead to extensive homeowner claims. By paying your insurance premium on time it ensures that you are getting the coverage you require. Some of the damages you could experience are:
  • Vehicle damage
  • Electrical damage
  • Fire or smoke damage
  • Flooding
  • Foundation damage
  • Hurricane damage
  • Liability claims for personal injuries on your property
  • Lightning damage
  • Mold damage
  • Non-weather-related water damage
  • Property damage from falling/flying objects
  • Exterior damage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism or intentional damage
  • Wind/hail damage
Homeowners insurance is there to protect you, your loved ones, and the property you put so much time into. When insurance companies are delaying payment or refusing your claim you are going to need help from a professional and Fischetti Law Firm can help you get the answers you need.

Let’s talk insurance coverage, how much do you need?

When you are trying to decide how much coverage you need it depends on multiple factors including how much your home cost, what your assets are, where you live, and the risks your property could face regarding where you live. In Florida specifically, you should have higher coverage for natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires.If you are still iffy about what coverage you need feel free to talk to a homeowners insurance claims attorney to decide what is the best fit for you.

Adjusting your insurance policy

You can always assess your insurance policy; it is recommended to look over it annually. By looking over it at least once a year you are making sure all your assets are covered. You can take a risk assessment that allows you to understand what happens if the unimaginable does happen.Always ask questions! It is so important to know where you are covered and where you are not. It is always better to be safe than sorry.Imagine your home does get hit by a hurricane and you realize then that you’re not covered from hurricanes. That would be the worst-case scenario, we don’t want that now do we. 

What if my insurance company refuses to pay my claim?

Insurance companies make all their money off homeowner policies alone. They roll in tens of billions of dollars each year on just the policies. So, you would assume when you make a claim they will just pay for it, but that is not the case.They like to make this as difficult for you as possible. Insurance companies profit from the premiums and increase their revenue by rejecting claims or partially paying for the damages on your home.With insurance companies being run as a large corporation and have attorneys on standby 24/7 they are no match for the average person. They will make you feel helpless when it comes to getting the money you deserveThey tend to do everything in their power to tire you out and that’s exactly what they want.If you believe the insurance company is postponing, undervaluing, or denying your claim contact Fischetti Law Group to help you. Taking on the insurance company by yourself is not going to go in the direction you want. We can help you get the money you are entitled too.

Having a third party appraise your home damages

The insurance company is typically going to send their own claim adjuster to review the damages of your property, meaning they are on their payroll. With this being said, since they are working for the insurance company, they are going to undervalue how much you have in damages in order to save the insurance company some money.It is so important to hire an unbiased claim adjuster to give you a second opinion to know exactly how much in damages you have.

What to do if your claim is denied

If your homeowner claim has been denied that does not mean it is final say. Obtaining an attorney who has knowledge of the situation will allow them to investigate deeper into the claim and go over the facts.Once we get all the facts and evidence to pursue your claim, we can fight with the insurance company to get you the best possible results. Homeowner insurance should protect you and here at Fischetti Law Firm we will do everything in our power to take that power back and give you the money your entitled too.

Frequently asked questions:

Should I keep inventory of the Possessions in my home?

  • Absolutely! Create a at home inventory list of all your valuables is the smartest thing for you to do to ensure your property is accounted for.

Does anyone decide what homeowners’ insurance provider I use?

  • You are the deciding factor. YOU must pick the insurance company that is right for you.

Do I have to have homeowners’ insurance?

  • By law no, BUT banks do require it as a condition to your mortgage. Homeowners insurance does help you protect yourself from ENORMOUS financial loss in case a disaster happens.

Does homeowner insurance cover personal injuries that occur on my property?

  • Personal liability coverage can protect you in this sense. If someone is injured on your property you may be held liable and personal liability coverage can help protect you from that.

Will homeowner insurance coverage cover my expenses if I cannot live in my house?

  • Simple answer, yes. If your home is not fit for you to live in your insurance should help pay for the additional living expenses.

How can you lower your homeowner’s insurance policy?

  • Depending on the insurance company they can offer discounts for policyholders who install qualifying smart home devices or combing your home and auto coverage.

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