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Should I Do My Estate Planning Online?

Estate planning often involves complex documents and many considerations. Online estate planning has become increasingly prevalent in 2024, mostly due to online convenience and accessibility. However, the seemingly cost-effective and straightforward nature of online estate planning often hides the potential consequences. Although the convenience of online estate planning appeals to many adults with young families starting to estate plan, there are many considerations to think about before you decide to spend money on a DIY estate planning service.

The Simplicity of Online Estate Planning

Online estate planning services often present an image of simplicity, making it appear as though crafting legal documents in an easy and breezy process.

Although an experienced estate planning attorney can certainly help simplify the estate planning process, estate planning often involves nuances that depend on the specific situation.

Many complicated estate planning situations are best solved with the expertise of an experienced estate planning attorney, not online estate planning FAQ online. An experienced estate planning attorney can give you legal advice regarding many options such as choosing your healthcare directives.

DIY Estate Plans Ignore the Legal Landscape

Estate planning laws vary not only by state, but legislation also changes over time. Online estate planning platforms often are unable to keep users informed about changing laws. Without updated knowledge, individuals that use these platforms are at risk of creating documents that aren’t legally valid or current with the law.

 Instead, meeting with an estate planning attorney is your best bet for up-to-date information related to your estate plan and specific questions about distributing your assets.

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Unique Circumstances and DIY Estate Planning

Estate planning is not one-size-fits-all. Online estate planning templates often follow a generic approach, offering you different options as you click different buttons. This non-human approach ignores the intricacies of everyone’s different circumstances.

Often, complex family relationships, high-value assets, and specific estate planning goals are best navigated by collaborating with an experienced estate planning attorney.

Limited Safeguards Against Errors

Leaving estate planning up to an online service increases the likelihood of errors in an estate plan. Estate planning attorneys are well-versed in legal verbiage and specifications that a digital platform might not be able to provide.

Mistakes made online by DIY estate planning may go unnoticed until it’s too late. This could lead to potential disputes, family tensions, and even costly legal battles as the family goes to hire an estate planning attorney to resolve the issue.

Asset Protection with Online Estate Plans

For those with high-value assets or diverse investments, such as digital assets, online estate planning platforms may not provide the necessary legal experience to give you the best insights for asset protection.

A mistake made by a online estate planning platform could result in significant financial losses or unforeseen complications for heirs. It’s best to not leave asset protection up to chance, consult an estate planning attorney instead.

Limited Options with Online Estate Planning

DIY estate planning often offers a cookie-cutter approach, assuming that all individuals fit into an algorithm or black-and-white set of options.

The oversimplification of estate planning by these services neglect the unique circumstances of your life, potentially resulting in an estate plan that does not alight with your intentions. Instead, an estate planning lawyer is able to listen to you and your unique story, providing insights that are specific to you.

Are Online Estate Plans Private?

While online estate planning platforms may advertise the privacy and comfort of crafting documents at home, the reality is some of these legal documents may not be as robust as documents created with an estate planning attorney.

Without professional oversight, your estate plan may become susceptible to legal challenges, and it may not be as private as you intended. To avoid these consequences, make sure to meet with an estate planning attorney.

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DIY Estate Plans’ Lack of Professional Expertise

The absence of professional guidance in online estate planning deprives individuals of legal experience that estate planning lawyers bring to the table. Experienced attorneys can offer expert advice based on their years of experience, anticipate potential challenges, and help create a plan that reflects your wishes.

Untangling DIY Mistakes

While the allure of saving money may initially attract individuals to online estate planning, the true cost of its ineffectiveness will appear when errors surface, disputes arise, or the plan fails to protect assets effectively.

Fixing mistakes made in a DIY estate plan can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. What initially seemed like a cost-saving idea may end up costing far more in legal fees and potential losses, taking an financial toll on top of an emotional toll.

The Value of an Estate Planning Attorney

Playing the online estate planning game is risky. When your family’s future and finances are at stake, you don’t want to leave it up to an online program. The potential consequences of errors, oversights, and inadequate protection for your assets and loved ones far outweigh any perceived benefits.

Working with a professional estate planning attorney will help to ensure a robust, legally sound estate plan that reflects your wishes for your specific situation. Furthermore, having a lawyer that you’re able to consult over time as your circumstances evolve will pay off in the long run as they’re able to help you make increasingly personal estate planning decisions.

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