Halloween is the best time to pay tribute to your favorite pop-culture moment or a childhood

memory. It’s time to go all out with creativity on DIY costumes and intricate makeup looks.

Bob Ross

Bob Ross is an iconic artist known for his painting tutorials and quirky persona. Dressing as him

for Halloween is bound to be a hit.

The Joker

The joker is a great way to show off your makeup skills with his iconic white face and creepy



With “It 2” recent debut, this is the most iconic scary costume this year.

Men In Black

Many people have been dressing up as the MIB as a homage to the very famous movie.

Addams Family

The Adams Family is the perfect mix of spooky and pop culture.


Many people take the Halloween opportunity to dress as something offensive with the excuse of

it being a costume. Just take a beat to think about whether your costume can be considered


Sexy Queen Elizabeth II

The queen just passed away less than a month ago and her family and loved ones are still

grieving. It seems crass not just to dress up as her but to sexualize the passing of the Queen

Jeffrey Dahmer

The victim's families have expressed how triggering and uncomfortable it is for them yet it's still

on Netflix and what's worse is people are romanticizing and making it seem like Jeffrey Dahmer

is just a “fictional character”.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Dressing as them seems to be romanticizing domestic violence.

Anything involving blackface

Blackface is never OK . Not under any circumstances. But while the offensive practice includes

painting your face a shade other than your natural skin tone, it also goes deeper than that.

The Covid-19 Pandemic

A pandemic that has killed over a million people (and rising) in the United States alone isn't a

costume; it's a horrible tragedy that has significantly impacted many people's lives.

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