Car Crash News – Bullet Train

Some Auto Accidents Feel Like They’re Right Out Of The Movies

Cinephiles everywhere rejoiced this past Saturday as the movie theatre industry made a gutsy move in offering any motion picture for a refreshing three-dollar entry fee (roughly sixty-thousand cinemas nationwide participated). I personally witnessed the very odd but well-produced and directed “Three Thousand Years of Longing.” While we may discuss the highly anticipated oddity in a future post, many residents in the quiet town of Indian River had Bullet Train on their minds. Unfortunately, I’m not referencing that Bullet Train. The train I am referring to actually travels at a seemingly much slower speed than the Japanese train confining Brad Pitt for the better part of two hours. Our train is actually travelling at no more than 40 miles per hour as it hauls salts, sands, dirt and even shells up and down the coast of Palm Beach and Indian River Counties. Fortunately, no one was hurt, as the driver and passengers were able to evade the train accident, as the primary reason for the incident can be associated with the vehicle (what looks like a Lexus SUV) getting stuck in gravel prior to the train’s contact with the vehicle. While the driver appears to be not at fault entirely, an active investigation continues to conclude there was no foul play.

Eleven Cars Scorched By Fire At The Hard Rock Stadium During Dolphins Season Opening Game

Miami, Florida; While the Dolphins took their first win for the season against the New England Patriots, some Miami Dolphins Fans experienced a devastating fiery loss when nearly a dozen cars were consumed by flames. Shortly after kickoff, a fire ignited in one of the parking lots outside the stadium. Fortunately, most people were already inside the stadium while the flames were ensuing and there were no reports of injury. Investigators believe that a tailgate preceding the fire played a role in the incident. When police officers reported to the Miami Gardens venue, they said someone must have left a barbecue pit under their car and forgot to put out the charcoal when they entered the stadium for the game.

It took firefighters 32 minutes to put the raging flames out.

While fans were inside the stadium, they could see huge fumes of black smoke coming from a parking lot. Many car owners however had no idea about the fires until they were walking back to their cars and saw emergency vehicles and the incinerated remains of cars. Daniel Ladue said his car was beside the fire but was spared. “We literally just walked up from after the game and saw all the charred up cars,” he said. A Hard Rock Stadium spokesperson released a statement regarding the fire, which read “A round 1 pm, a vehicle fire began in a remote Hard Rock Stadium parking lot. Several vehicles were affected. Miami Dade Police Departments and Miami Dade Fire Rescue were on the scene. The fire has been extinguished and is being investigated by Fire Rescue. No injuries have been reported and there is no current threat to the stadium.”

Wrong-Way Crash On Palmetto Expressway Kills Five

A criminal investigation is underway after five people were killed in a wrong-way crash early Saturday morning near Miami Lakes, according to Florida Highway Patrol (FHP). The driver’s name is Maiky Simeon and is facing five counts of vehicular homicide. They also suspect that he was intoxicated while driving and if a toxicology report determines that to be true, additional charges will be filed.

“The victims’ names will not be released at this moment because this is a criminal investigation,” Lieutenant Alejandro Camacho, an FHP spokesman, said Sunday in an email. FHP said those killed, four women and one male age ranging from 18-25, were driving a Honda Accord that was unfortunately hit head-on by a Silver Infinity traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes around 4:30 am. Simeon was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center with serious injuries. As of Saturday morning, he is stable from all injuries. Police reveal that moment before the crash they received a call reporting a car was traveling in the wrong direction of the lanes. It is reported that the “Jaws Of Life” had to be used to get Simeon out of his car.

Woman Dies on I-95 Ramp After Car Runs Out Of Gas In Delray Beach

This incident occurred just after 6:30 am this past Friday, on the northbound entrance ramp on I-95 north of Atlantic Avenue. The woman was stranded after running out of gas and was struck by another car. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the woman’s SUV came to a stop in the middle of traffic and the 54-year-old woman put on her hazard lights, got out of the car, walking toward the shoulder of the road when a 21-year-old man from Delray Beach, driving a Nissan sedan was unable to stop and maneuver in time and unfortunately crashed into her from behind propelling the SUV driver into the road and instantly killing her. The 21-year-old was taken to Delray Medical Center with minor injuries.

Pair Arrested After Bailing Out Of A Car That Crashed Into Police Cruiser In Miami

Miami Dade County Police are investigating a crash that involved an officer inside a police cruiser and a motorist whom both had to be rushed to the hospital due to injuries. Undercover detectives were working in the area and attempted to pull over a black Mercedes-Benz with extremely dark tinted windows at the intersection of Northwest 13th Avenue and 61st Street. Police announced that the car matched a description of a car that was involved in an armed robbery on March 20th.

Officers said that the driver refused to stop, sped away, ran a red light and struck a marked police car and a motorist at the intersection of Northwest 10th Avenue and 58th Street. Surveillance video captured the moment of impact, it was such a violent hit that the cruiser practically went airborne and pieces of the car went flying. As a result of the wreck, the officer and one other person were taken to the hospital where they were both treated for several broken bones and since have been released to continue healing at home.

Inside the car of interest were two nine-millimeter handguns with extended magazines which were both seized and placed into evidence.  21-year-old Stevon Black Jr. and 2O-year-old Trayon Theodore ran from the scene of the accident but detectives were able to catch up to them and place them under arrest.

Woman Killed, Six Injured In Crash Involving Teens Fleeing Police

A woman was killed and six others were hospitalized after teen suspects who were fleeing from police in a stolen car caused a multi-vehicle crash in Oakland Park. There was a home burglary and when police responded they reported the victims were sleeping inside their home when suspects broke in and stole both of their vehicles. One of the stolen vehicles, a white Mercedes sedan, was shortly located by officers.

According to police a brief chase ensued before it ended in a multi-vehicle accident with six victims being rushed to the hospital. A woman, Maria Tellez was announced dead at the hospital. Footage of the crash shows wrecked cars and pieces of the cars scattered around the street. The two suspects, juvenile males fled from the scene of the crime on foot. They were both found a couple of hours later and placed under arrest.  Officials say the 15-year-old was driving the car and the 13-year-old was his passenger. Both juveniles have long histories already, the 15-year-old is on probation for two other cases and the 13-year-old has 25 open court cases.