Hybrid Offices Are A Thing

Expanding Smart – Whys Satellite Offices May Be A Better Idea In 2022

Remote work; pre 2020 remote work and workers were not reeealy a thing.  Most of the workforce is aware of hybrid working environments or satellite offices but no one has actually used one (unless you have). Fast forward two years and many businesses are either dragging their employees back to the in-person or physical office work environments.

On one hand it’s easy to get behind the “back to work in-office” initiative that has been the last 18 months. Then there is also the “ah-ha moment” feeling I get when I think about my friends, associates or even family members keeping their businesses remote or switching to satellite offices. Neither appears to be wrong but, let me explain why the satellite office play is more than ideal.

To define and set the proverbial bar to compare/contrast as I explain the genius in hybrid offices, this is the laymen’s term of the actual definition: A satellite office is just a separate branch of office/business that is not physically attached to the organization’s main office. That definition most definitely has evolved slightly over the years.

Nowadays the satellite office space has become something entirely different. Yes, technically they are still just a separate space but, depending upon you needs, many of today’s satellite, shared office space or what WeWork calls “coworking Spaces,” the space we call a workplace may be changing sooner rather than later.

Hybrid Working and Coworking Spaces

Why didn’t they think of this sooner: Come to the office four days and work remotely one day per week (at the satellite office)? That would save 2 ½ hours of drive time for me personally. The hybrid workspace has solved three crucial issues;

(1.) They have made small business expansion 50% easier in what has become a volatile market

(2.) Have unexpectedly become something of a compromise between businesses and longer-tenured office staff that is less interested in returning to work than you’d expected.

(3.) Satellite office spaces have built communities and opportunities to make “work friends” that you wouldn’t have otherwise. That’s one heck of a business model!

In all seriousness, during and post-covid, many businesses learned that hybrid offices showed them how much they could potentially cut costs, and rent vs. coworking fees aren’t even close. Employers also learned the type of work ethic their employees actually had, and it wasn’t always pretty. That said, the hybrid system (3-4 days in the office and 1-2 days at home or satellite) is borderline genius. This absolutely increases production (as most people try to work when they’re feeling productive).

Fischetti Law Group – Now In The Fort Pierce Port St. Lucie Area

 As we continue to expand our personal injury and homeowners insurance claim services we ultimately need more space, more staff and that requires more office space. In an attempt to cut off our nose, despite our face, Michael Fischetti and our law group have adopted a new hybrid office space location in Fort Pierce. You may reach our staff with the same phone number but, our expanded address will be 130 South Indian River Drive, Suite 202, Fort Pierce, Florida, 34950, United States of America. We still have offices in Orlando and Boynton Beach, if either location is more convenient.

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