8 Facts About Boynton Beach, FL

8 Facts About Boynton Beach, FL

8 Facts About Boynton Beach, FL

Boynton is an up-and-coming fun urban/suburban town. Main attractions to this area are very broad from going to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, experiencing an array of dining, or even going to the mall to shop around. You will not be bored in Boynton that’s for sure!

1.      Boynton Beach is the kinetic art capital of the world

·         Kinetic art is an art form that incorporates movement, either real or virtual. It has been around for over 100 years. (Milian, J)

2.      Batman patrols the city at night

·         A man dresses up like batman and hangs out around congress avenue keeping an eye out for trouble (Milian, J)

3.      Boynton Beach club was shot here in 2005

·         Starring Dylan cannon, Len Cariou, Sally Kellerman, Joseph Bologna and Brenda Vaccaro brought fame to Boynton Beach (Milian, J)

4.      Lamar Jackson went to Boynton Beach High School

·         He won the Heisman Trophy at Louisville in 2016 and won the NFL MVP award (Milian, J)

5.      Population skyrocketing

·         Population of 5,000 in 1958 to approximately 80,000 now. This is because after World War 2 soldiers slowly discovered Boynton beach was a good place to raise a family. (History of Boynton Beach)

6.      Boynton has more of a female population then males (Boynton Beach Demographics and Statistics)

7.      Boynton Beach is named after Nathan Boynton.

·         He moved here from Michigan and built a hotel here (Milian, J)

8.      The oldest house in Boynton was built in 1919 by a Swiss man names Oscar Magnuson (The Oscar Magnuson House: Historic preservation)

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