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Fortunately for Floridians, the United States automobiles produced for or even in the U.S.A. are some of the safest you will find anywhere in the world. Since the implementation of the seatbelt in the 1950s, we have installed laws, limits and other regulations to make certain that regardless of the situation, you are in fact, the safest you could possibly be. End of story.

Just like the difference insurance policies we’ve touched on in previous posts, not all cars are created equally. Depending on manufacturer alone, safety features will certainly differ, which ultimately may be the difference in hundreds of dollars in premiums annually. While most vehicles the government deems “road worthy” may be safer than that of their European counterpart, we have compiled a list of the ten safest to roll off the showroom floor in 2022. Each of our factors and findings are often reiterated by many of the most well-known safety critics of our generation.

1. Safest Compact Car – Mazda3 Hatchback

Times certainly change as they have ultimately favored what was one of the least safe auto manufactures in Mazda; the Mazda3 is the perfect blend of power, agility, handling and crash-test scoring. Its reasonable price tag and 5-star safety rating will not only keep your family safer in the event of an accident, it will certainly aid in keeping insurance costs reasonably lower than that of cars like BMW’s x1. One drawback is it’s less-than-impressive top-end gusto. – Starting price at $21,000

2. Safest Mid-sized Sedan – Toyota Camry

Safety and Camry (let alone Toyota as a whole) have almost become synonyms in the 40 years since it debuted. That said, the Camry’s excellent crash-test ratings and available AWD all while staying under $30k made our choice one of the safest bets on our list. With more than enough room for passenger entry and exit, nearly anyone may be accommodated. The fact that Toyota improved the 2022 model by adding the newest audio/visual technology at a lower overall cost (insurance premiums decreased slightly) is enough to take a closer look. – Starting price at $25,000

3. Safest Compact SUV – Mazda CX-5

Not every vehicle Mazda rolled-out this year had sacrifice performance for improved safety. Although the CX-5’s overall appearance didn’t dramatically change, Mazda did reinforce the frame, adding a wealth of standard safety features, including the ever-coveted AWD in every single model. Keeping the suspension stiff helped add much needed handling while offering a turbocharged engine as a performance option. Sportier and slightly smaller than its competition, the CX-5 makes for the perfect city driven SUV. – Starting price at $26,000

4. Safest Mid-sized SUV – Hyundai Palisade

If you’re in search of a mid-life not-so-mom-mobile, look no further than the Palisade by Hyundai. It’s 3rd row seating gives you the space needed for soccer practice but, it has a slightly Cadillac-looking exterior style, making all the difference on an overdue date night with the wife or out on the town with the boys. Like many of the mid-sized SUVs of the present, Palisade sports so-so gas mileage but, the major rebates, improved crash-test ratings and the lower than average insurance premium more than makes up for it. – Starting price at $33,000

5. Safest Luxury Sedan – Acura TLX

Timeless, trusted, tested are just a few of the ways Acura puts the “T” back in TLX. As you may know, Acura (Honda motor company) tests every single engine in race applications before producing one of their world renowned engines (equivalent to testing in F1 racing). What’s more well-known is where Honda and Acura’s place has been in safety, let alone almost every other class, 1st. Acura’s TLX doesn’t dare disappoint as it sports a 355-hp naturally aspirated V-6. It’s amazing but (by now) not surprising how much power they can squeeze out of smaller, lighter engines. Golf clap to you Acura, proceed. – Starting price at $38,000

6. Safest Luxury SUV – Audi Q5

Audi has quietly shaken up the entire luxury automobile market.  From the sleek and smart styling to the overall handling and no-bs performance all the way through the gears, this isn’t your fathers Audi. Dubbed “the x5 killer,” the Audi Q5 has all the bells and whistles you could ask for, plus it was rated 5 stars when crash-tested. All that aside, it’s borderline less attractive than that of its contemporaries, though insurance is surprisingly reasonable for a luxury SUV. That may be enough to take the plunge; keep the SUV give me a JDM 240sx any day ;). – Starting price at $43,000

7. Safest Electric Car – Tesla’s Model 3

Electric never looked and felt so so good. We could end our critique’ right there and we’d quite possibly get away with it. While it is near sacrilegious to not name Elon in the same breath with his beautiful creations, our love is undoubtedly for the now tried and true Tesla Model 3. No one would have expected this feat accomplished in such short order, and they’re just getting warmed up. Just remember, even though they’ll save you on gasoline (or lack there-of), insurance premiums are anything but cost effective. The battery alone costs as much as your wife’s engagement ring (the one she really wanted anyway)! – Starting price at $47,000

8. Safest Minivan – Honda Odyssey

In the 1980s and 90s, when you mentioned a minivan you were almost always referencing that boxy Dodge Caravan. Well, times certainly have changed for the better. Honda’s Odyssey has literally dominated since and the entire minivan market was forced to “get better” because of it. Next year’s minivans will need to really pack a feature-rich punch to tip the scale at all. Don’t count on it. Do count on lower than average Umbrella and PIP insurance for the foreseeable future. – Starting price at $33,000

9. Safest Pickup Truck – Ford’s F-150

Build Ford tough, and they have the hardware to prove it. About one dozen J.D. Power awards later, IIIHS finally agreed and so do we! Not to shift gears but the Lightning model of the F-150 is an absolute gem. Whether you’re hauling, towing, or driving in downtown West Palm Beach; this truck is made for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Whether your focus is low emissions (the F-150 Lightning is in a class of its own) or you’re just looking for something cost-effective and durable (Insurance rates are surprisingly lower with PIP or Umbrella coverages), this entry level pickup is possibly the best bang-for-your-buck.- Starting price at $30,000

10. Safest Sports Car – Toyota GR86

You may not know this but, the Toyota GR86 is a reboot of the coveted classic JDM Toyota AE86. Most drivers will ultimately pay high premiums on the GR86 vs. the remaining nine on our list but, that is the price you pay with a sports car. It is worth noting that the reliability of the GR86 and the five-star crash test ratings do in fact make the overall insurance overhead far less than your average sports coupe. – Starting price at $28,000

The advice and recommendations expressed in this article are those of the Marketing Director from Fischetti Law Group’s editorial team, and have not been reviewed or endorsed by our partners.


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