8 Facts About Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce is a smaller town that was established in the early 1800s. With its beautiful nature life to its cozy nighttime environment it has a little of everything for everyone!

1.      Fort Pierce was built in 1838 named after Benjamin Kendrick Pierce. (Kenyon, M)

2.      Home of 14 places and districts on the National Register of Historic places which include: (Kenyon, M)

·         Arcade building

·         Casa Caprona

·         Crest haven (Boston House)

·         Old Fort Pierce Post Office

·         Old For Pierce Park

·         Jules Frere House

·         Zora Neale Hurston House

·         Immokalee

·         Moores Creek Bridge

·         Old Fort Pierce City Hall

·         Old St. Anastasia Catholic School

·         St. Lucie High School

·         Sunrise Theatre

·         Urca de Lima shipwreck

3.      It is said there are multiple places are said to be haunted. At Boston House it is said to be haunted by its original owner who waits for her husband and son who were lost at sea. (Kenyon, M)

4.      Home to one of the biggest farmers markets with over 70 vendors! (Kenyon, M)

5.      The creator of crayons is from Fort Pierce. Edwin Binney then went onto buying 1,000 acres of land here. (Kenyon, M)

6.      Fort Pierce is often called Sunrise City based off its beautiful views. 2

7.      It’s a relatively smaller populated town with only 41,000 residents 2

8.      Rated number 1 best small-town main street in America. They out did towns like Nantucket.