Most Damaged Properties After Hurricane Ian

Most damaged properties and autos after ian

Most Damaged Properties After Hurricane Ian

As a hurricane swept the area of Kings Landing in Delray Beach late Tuesday evening it took some apartments along with it. As residents of the area originally ignored the alerts of a tornado approaching it quickly sped up and turned into a devastating event.

A man named Jim Travis heard the tornado coming and barricaded himself in his bathroom. He said the tornado only lasted around two minutes but that didn’t stop it from making huge impacts.

The tornado tore off entire roofs, threw patios around and even windows were completely shattered. Many local news outlets have eluded to residents moving out of Kings Point, Delray Beach and north to West Palm Beach. Residents are migrating solely out of a need to be in a zone less likely to flood. Kings Point of Delray Beach has always been prone to flooding, even in mild inclement weather.

Hurricane Ian Flips Cars In Delray Beach

Firefighters quickly arrived at the scene when they realized cars have been flipped and the roofs of several buildings have been torn off. Fire rescue teams and Sheriff’s office went door to door checking on all the residents. At least 30 people were told they could not stay in their home during this tornado. With tornado warnings across Kings Point in Delray Beach it left people homeless throughout the area.

Two people were injured and went to the hospital while one person was trapped in a bathroom.

Executive Director Stephanie Horvath tells people to only bring themselves and clothing. If they don’t have any clothes were doing our best to collect donations of clothing, personal hygiene, supplies and other things. The shelters will also be providing three meals a day. Fountain view in West Palm Beach is a retirement community where the families will receive full accommodations while staying in guest suites. Guests are allowed to stay a minimum of 60 days.

Fort myers is underwater

People are leaving their homes as they quickly realized that the flooding that started at their ankles was nearly up to their chest. Within 10 minutes people had to make the hard decision to leave their homes and swim to the nearest hotels. The Florida vacationers oasis was predictable leveled by eight to twelve feet in storm surge alone. Residents were standing on furniture to avoid the water that was aimed to go over their head. To make matters even worse, power lines that fell after heavy winds made landfall, often into standing water.

Pine Island Sourrounded By Rising Water

After twitter user @lochNessMobster couldn’t reach their parents during the storm she received eerie pictures of what the storm did to their house. With the boat being in the front yard along with all the cars fully submerged under water this is a recipe for disaster.

Naples Is Covered In Debris

Naples has been experiencing heavy floods as Hurricane Ian approached Wednesday evening. Water is seemingly around six feet above the normal high tide. People decided to stay at Vanderbilt Beach to see the waves. The waves seemingly got worse and nearly swept a child away by the storm. The mother managed to save him. With cars going fast down these areas flooded with water the kid could of easily been knocked out or even drowned.

With wind gusts of up to 180 mph cars in Naples are completely covered in water. Cars are just floating down the street as power lines dangle in the open water that some people used to call their front yard. This is the reality of most southwest Floridians currently. Firefighters and police officers are doing their best to analyze the damage of the situation but should be able to get a clearer vision on Friday.

McLaren P1 a super car in Naples, Florida was found completely submerged in water during the hurricane Ian storm. Thanks to Instagram used @supercar.fails for sharing this image. Nobody was hurt, thank God but RIP the McLaren.

Fort Myers Is Unrecognizable

A video captured by Instagram used @malsmarie showed how several homes in her area were destroyed from hurricane Ian. Cars were shown floating outside of people’s homes following with mountains of debris. Later in the video, the camera shifts towards some houses and the women goes “That was my house. My house is gone”. Fort Myers issued a 48-hour curfew for residents, visitors and first responders.

Property & Autos are Damaged In Pembrook Pines

After hurricane Ian neared a category 5, it caused several Mobile homes to be damaged. Residents of Sunshine Village Mobile Home Park in the 13,000 block of Fifth Street Davie were experiencing tornado warnings in the area. Ivan Mendozal, a resident of Sunshine Village Mobile Home Park was woken up when he felt his home violently shaking Ivan said his daughter came out crying, terrified of what’s to come. They all got tornado warnings around 2 am on Tuesday and immediately felt the impact.

The storm quickly took their power away, trees were uprooted, street signs and fences were all over the road and yards. Everyone ended up being okay after the tornado but the damages that were left will take some time to clean back up.