Whether we keep track of it with a watch, your phone, or the position of the sun, we all realize the importance of time. When you get into an automobile accident the clock starts ticking down and time is the most important thing. When you have an injury from an accident, the faster you can act after an auto accident – the better your outcome will ultimately be in your case.  

Calling the Fischetti Law Group as quickly as possible, before too much time has elapsed, is critical to your case. We can quickly get you to a medical provider to access, evaluate, and answer your questions such as: how long after car accident do you feel pain? We can immediately get involved by properly reporting your accident to the insurance companies and quickly begin the process of: Accessing your property damage, getting repairs started, and get the maximum value of your car if it is considered a “total loss”.  

When your body is involved in an auto accident the injuries are in the “acute” phase and the timing in which you seek proper medical care is critical to your recovery. This the period of time where people wonder how long after a car accident do I feel pain? Not only is it important that you seek competent medical care quickly, but when you have an injury from an accident you must do so in fourteen days (Read more about the 14-day Rule here) from the accident or you will LOSE your $10,000 in benefits under the PIP portion of your policy. The statute allows for no wiggle room on this issue, wait until day 14.5 and your benefits have vanished like the sands of time. Seeking medical care as soon as possible after your accident is so very important to your case.

While the Fischetti Law Group is opening your claim up and making all the proper reporting, we can also gather critical evidence such as:

  1. Speaking to eyewitnesses

  2. Securing affidavits

  3. Documenting the scene (especially important in a disputed liability accident)

  4. Setting up your medical appointments after your car accident or slip and fall, saving you time to focus on what is most important – that is allowing you to get your life back after your car accident.

  5. More

Your body is a complex thing and after an automobile accident, it is going to take some time for it to fully heal itself with help from a competent medical professional. So, you must make the time to commit to healing yourself – making sure appointments are met, and you are willing do all that is asked of you by your medical doctors. Trust me it is time well spent.  

Once we have resolved your property damage case and your treatment is complete, it is then time for the Fischetti Law Group to draft a pre-suit demand letter, with all the medical records attached, to present to the Insurance Company in the hopes of resolving the matter without need for litigation, but don’t worry, in the event that it is necessary to go to court, rest assured we will be ready to fight for the compensation that your deserve!

An accident can happen in a split second, but by calling us at 833-MIKE-247 we’ll help ensure that the negative effects of a car accident won’t last a lifetime.