Florida is known for its beaches, exciting tourist attractions, and unfortunately…its chaotic roadways. All too often the following scenario plays out on our roadways...Picture yourself on a mildly rainy afternoon and you’re driving on your way to having dinner with a friend at a local restaurant. You get in your car and head off to a good meal, everything is going just as it should, until you reach the red light two streets down the road. As you begin slowing down to stop at the light - “BAM!!!!!” your entire world jolts forward. You hear the crunching sound reverberate through the car and the shock of the impact rolls through your body. You suddenly begin to panic in reaction to the shock. You’ve just been rear-ended. Once your muscles unlock and your dizzy head subsides, you begin to think of all the ways this moment is going to affect your life: How will I pay for this? Am I really hurt? Am I still going to be able to work? How bad is the damage? Is the other person injured? Do I call the police? What's the number for a tow truck? Why are all these people looking at me? The list of frantic thoughts can go on for pages.

Hopefully, as these thoughts are flooding your mind, you remember a video you have seen by the Fischetti Law Group that lists in detail the steps to take directly after an accident. If you haven’t had a chance to download our helpful guide, now is the time to do so. It is incredibly important to take notes and document the scene. It is one of the most helpful ways to ensure a successful case and paint a clear picture of what occurred. Click this link for our accident checklist to ensure you take all the necessary steps.

But remember the biggest step you need to take is to call 833-MIKE-247.

After you have taken all the steps to secure your vehicle and exit the accident safely. Now what? Well, you will need to take a very active role in obtaining a positive outcome over the days and weeks to come. After the initial accident, you must:


    You know your body, you feel your injuries, and you know that you need medical treatment as a result of the accident. Even if you don't feel that you're injured right away, there may still be medical problems that need to be dealt with. Remember, most car accidents manifest their injuries 48 to 72 hours after the automobile accident. Not all medical providers are the same and you want a medical provider with the training and experience to properly help your body heal from the effects of a motor vehicle accident. Don’t just go to the first medical provider that pops up in a google search.


    It's incredibly important that you get representation immediately. An insurance company has an army of adjusters, lawyers, and a seemingly infinite amount of resources working together to give you NOTHING, or have you sign a release on a lowball offer. Don’t sign anything without carefully reviewing with your attorney. Getting representation is easy, but getting the RIGHT representation is difficult. That is why we pride ourselves on being incredibly transparent, accommodating, and work tireless hours to ensure a stress-free process for you. Give us a call at 833-MIKE-247 for a free consultation and let us help you to get your life back!

    1. Having trouble making your medical appointments because of work? We can refer you to a medical provider who works later/on weekends and is near your location.

    2. Is your job presenting difficulties in allowing you the time you need to make your medical appointments? The Fischetti Law Group is always able to be an intermediary in these situations and will assist you in being able to focus on your medical recovery.

    3. Having worries about the damage to your vehicle or getting a replacement vehicle? Here at the Fischetti Law Group, we make it a priority to help take care of your vehicle repairs, rental of a car when you are without your own vehicle due to an accident, and if your car is a total loss - we FIGHT for the maximum amount of replacement costs.

    4. Wondering how you are supposed to navigate the complex, confusing, and often contradictory world of insurance coverage and policies of insurance? The Fischetti Law Group’s Eighteen years of litigation experience will help you get the maximum recovery for your accident. We don’t back down to any insurance company. Give us a call at 833-MIKE-247 for a free consultation!

The old adage that communication is a “two-way” street is so very true when dealing with your attorney on your car accident case. Great Communication is one of the foundations at the Fischetti Law Group. That is why you will always meet your attorney at the onset of your case and your attorney will be available throughout the case to help guide you through the complex work of Personal Injury on your way to getting the compensation that you deserve. But, remembering that communication is a “two-way street” it's incredibly important that you communicate with your attorney because you're a huge part of the process. Be sure to be cooperative with the professional medical providers treating you, attend all your appointments, and inform us of your day-to-day needs.


  1. We deal with adjustors and the insurance company - so you can focus on recovery

  2. We are transparent and update you frequently, giving you the ease of mind about the status of your case

  3. We offer complimentary property damage handling

  4. We have an elite team of multilingual professionals - here to assist you every step of the way

  5. With over 18 years of experience, we meticulously analyze your case to ensure you receive maximum compensation

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