Hurricane Ian Insurance Claims

The Aftermath Of Hurricane Ian

Aftermath of Hurricane Ian

Florida residents are grappling with widespread destruction and massive flooding after Hurricane Ian, which is ranked to be one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the United States. When Hurricane made landfall on the West coast of Florida as a powerful category 4 hurricane with winds topping 150 mph. With ongoing search efforts, the destruction seems to be getting worse with a rising death toll.

Across the most affected parts of the state, local and federal rescue crews continue to search neighborhoods for survivors. Several brides were destroyed, complicating rescue missions. The causeway to Sanibel was determined impassable cutting off the island from the mainland. Lee county does not have running water and nearly 70% of it is without power. Many homes and storefronts were destroyed by floodwaters.

After this storm, it is evident that there will need to be stricter building codes to prevent similar situations in the future. Senator Rick Scott was quoted saying “After this, we’re going to learn that we’re going to have to improve our … building codes.” However, some local officials push back on this argument saying their current regulations are sufficient enough. “We have good building codes,” said Fort Myers Mayor Kevin Anderson. “The newer homes, they withstood the storm,” he said, as evidence that the building codes for newer construction were adequate. “The older houses, which were built lower and not up to current codes, they suffered more damage.” The storm is estimated to have caused more than $60 billion in property loss in Florida.

A couple of days passing the storm, there are still major issues that the residents of Florida are facing like power outages, lack of water and food, the loss of their homes and cars, etc. As previous disastrous storms have hit the United States there were lessons learned that we could apply to the aftermath of this mysterious storm. For one, we need to prioritize cleaning up which includes search and rescue, reopening roads and begin executing debris clean-up. Rebuilding of these cities cannot begin until the disaster is cleaned up. Second, the rebuilding process is going to take a collective effort and much time.



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